my name is sarah and i like words. reading them, writing them, ripping them up into tiny little pieces when they won’t behave, all of it. i graduated from the university of pittsburgh (h2p!) in april 2014 with a degree in creative writing and currently live in washington, dc with my best pal and two cats (taco&guacamole). i’m currently interested in (obsessed with) young adult fiction. it’s fascinating to me. i’m working on a manuscript and it is going very slowly. i blame the internet. for everything.

this site is a platform for me to rant about things when i’m procrastinating.

things i love besides words: cats, pizza, vending machines, live chat features on retail websites, beer, building puzzles, beach trips, margaritas, rummy 500, picking scabs, tacos, nail polish, coke zero

i would love to chat or read your work or exchange funny cat videos. you can contact me via the /ask/ feature or email me at sarahjoellemeow@gmail.com

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