A Tale of Revision

Greetings, pals!

When I wrote “The End” a few weeks back, I felt so absolutely motivated and was sure that I would have a completely revised manuscript to share SOON. I love the revision process. I love the giant stack of printer paper sitting on my desk. I love using my pink pen to cross out scenes and add dialogue and detail. I love translating my revisions from paper to my Word doc. It’s all so fun and productive. Some days I loved it more than drafting. Most days I loved it more than drafting, actually. (Turns out, drafting is hard as hell.)

I thought for sure I’d had multiple drafts in no time. At the speed I was revising, how could I not? Once I got all of my revisions into my document and wrote a few missing scenes, I was a little exhausted. And bored. And disheartened. This chapter sucks, doesn’t it? This character is boring, right? This plot line is dead, huh? This is awful. What am I doing? What a waste of time. Forget it. No point.

I needed a break. Badly. And I needed a few different people to suggest it before I decided to distance myself. But my first draft binder is sitting next to my bed and my Word doc is chilling on my desktop, both unopened. I took a break. I watched TV. I read. I visited friends and family. I drank good beer. I slept. It was nice.

I guess I’m writing this blog post because I’m trying to decided if I’m ready to start again. Does it feel right? Are the words coming easily? Am I too judgmental, too critical still? I don’t think so. This feels natural, feels soothing. I’m ready.

The next steps? I’m not entirely sure. Making physical edits and then transcribing them to the screen really worked for me the first time around, so I’m going to stick with that for now. I’m going to start working on more sentence-level edits. I didn’t really edit as I wrote the first draft, so there are some (many) improvements to be made. And I need to work on tense. And a million other things. But I’ll get there.

A close friend of mine just finished her final draft and is working on her submission materials. It’s hard to see myself ever getting to that point. It felt so close a month ago, but now it couldn’t be further away. It’s intimidating, but exciting. So so exciting.


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