The Thing About Birthdays

I turn 24 on Friday. TWENTY. FOUR. The oldest I’ve ever been, clearly. But this is the first birthday where I’ve actually felt older. This is mid-twenties, people!

Every year around my birthday, I evaluate everything I’ve done and everything I want to do and make myself feel bad about stuff. I should have traveled more by now! I should have saved more money by now! I should own a car by now! I should have finished my manuscript and have an agent by now! I mean, I’ve been out of college for two years. I should have something to show for it by now!

Lots of should-haves. It’s so easy to forget the things that I’ve already accomplished, though. Because to be honest, I’M MAKING IT! I am living on my own in a new city with an awesome job paying my bills on time trying new things writing a novel doing what I want when I want and all with a loving family and an amazing dude to boot. Things are really, really good. And I have a lot to look forward to. I really feel like if I stay on this track and take risks when I can, things will work out the way I want. And that’s a pretty amazing feeling.

I’m not sure if the image below is entirely true, but it offers me a lot of perspective (and relief!) when I’m feeling behind. There’s a lot of life to live, and a lot of shit to create. I’m up to my eyeballs in ideas and words and thoughts and dreams and I feel so lucky that I can embrace them and share them and make them a reality.

At 23, JK Rowling was broke. Tina Fey was working at the Y.M.C.A. Oprah had just gotten fired from her first job as a TV reporter and Walt Disney had declared bankruptcy. - Google Search:

I have a lot of cool things cooking, and I am so excited. For everything! 24 is going to be a good year.

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