The Dawn of a New(ish) Blog & The Perils of Starting Over

As all of my loyal readers (my Mom) know, I really like to start things over. I would much rather trash it all and start fresh. That goes for anything! Botched recipes, half-finished books, boring wardrobes, and especially blogs. It’s a bad habit that I have never been able to kick.

HOWEVER I am now in a situation where I cannot UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES start over. I am more than halfway finished with my manuscript, with tens of thousands of words under my belt. It’s an amazing feeling! It’s also slightly terrifying. I’ll run into a plot hole, an undeveloped character, or even briefly fantasize about changing the direction of the story, and I panic. I look at the stack of pages on my kitchen table and want to throw them all away. What is wrong with me?!

But I am committed to this WIP (work in progress from here on out) and I will not give up on it. Sure, I’ll revise, edit, and rewrite my heart out. But I will not start over.

I re-started this blog as a companion to my WIP. I’m already pretty deep, but I thought it would be fun to post about my process and progress. Like a writing diary! Except less gushing about cute boys and more discussion on grammar. Haha, yeah right. Liam Hemsworth posted a selfie on Instagram last Friday that I’m still not quite over. And I sent an email with the incorrect use of “their” today.

I have no idea how this blog is going to go. I’m not sure how often I’ll write or how long the posts will be or what I’ll really talk about. If you have suggestions, please tell me because I am floundering here and wondering if this post is too long or if I should go into detail about this mole I have on my back or whatever.

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